Can you have multiple WhatsApp lines in one user account?

Yes. You can have multiple WhatsApp lines in one user account. You only need to purchase a new service for each line.

What is line load balance in the professional plan?

With the line load balance feature, you can add multiple WhatsApp lines to the system and the message will be distributed between the lines. For example, you have connected 5 lines to the system and you have a request to

Is it possible to change the WhatsApp number after buying the plan?

Yes. You can change your WhatsApp number at any time from “management of services” menu.

Does the whatsapp api have levels?

Yes. Our collection accurately monitors api usage to ensure a quality experience for each user. For this purpose, the whatsapp api is determined and controlled based on the following levels. Note that there is no limit for sending WhatsApp daily

Is it possible to connect multiple WhatsApp numbers to one purchased plan?

For each purchased plan, only one WhatsApp number will be connected. Of course, you can change this number, but to connect multiple new numbers at the same time, you need to buy a new plans.

Is it possible to use a api key in several sites or software?

Yes. You can use a api key belonging to a WhatsApp number unlimitedly and connect different websites or software to it.