Will my service be terminated after the subscription ends?

Yes. You must renew before your subscription expires. Otherwise, your service will be disabled and deleted after an hour.

What type of WhatsApp can I use?

You can use WhatsApp business or personal WhatsApp. Our service supports both types of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp on the phone should always be online?

No – WhatsApp on your phone does not need to be online all the time. But you must use WhatsApp on your phone every 14 days. Otherwise, you have to connect WhatsApp again from your user panel.

Can I send messages with my WhatsApp number?

Yes. You can send messages with your WhatsApp number. But the WhatsApp of this number must be active on your mobile phone.

Is there a limit on sending WhatsApp messages?

Our service has no limit on daily sending. But if WhatsApp detects that your number is sending messages outside of the rules or if you have a spam report, you will be restricted in sending WhatsApp messages and your WhatsApp

Can I send any message?

We recommend that you use this service only to send interactive messages to the customer that they expect to receive. And if you send mass messages, spam or send messages that are against WhatsApp rules, we are not responsible for